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Bearings are those parts of the machine which make the rotation of the various parts of the machine possible. They are so fundamental to machines that they are known as the bread and butter of the machine industry. Bearings make the rotation of machine parts smooth.

Bearings are used between the shafts they rotate and the system which supports the rotation of these shafts. The presence of bearings between these two parts of the machine reduces friction between the two and enables the shaft to rotate smoothly.

A large amount of force is needed to rotate the shaft on the system made to support it. The presence of this huge force might damage the shaft and the supporting system. Bearings prevent any possible damage to these parts of the machine.

Types Of Bearings And Their Applications

There are various types of bearings used for different parts of the machine. Each type of bearing has its characteristic use in different parts of the machine. The following are some bearings and their applications in various parts of the machine:

●        Ball Bearing Slides On Smooth Shaft

Ball bearing slides on smooth shafts [ลูกปืนสไลด์บนเพลาเกลี้ยง, which is the term in Thai] are the most common bearings which can efficiently handle radial loads, thrust loads, and a combination of the 2 loads. They are further classified into deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, and self-aligning ball bearings. Ball bearing slides on smooth shafts are used in machines like bicycles, skateboards, fax machines, engines, steerings, chainsaws, power tools, elevators, escalators, etc.

●        Tapered Roller Bearings

They are yet another type of bearings that effortlessly handle the combination of radial and thrust loads. They have a steeper outer ring angle which allows them to handle thrust load easily. They are used in agriculture pieces of equipment, mining equipment, construction types of equipment, propeller shafts, etc.

●        Spherical Roller Bearings

It is a rolling element bearing that allows smooth rotation with less friction and angular misalignments. Despite their names, they are not spherical in shape. Their rolling elements are cylindrical in shape and they have a profile that makes them appear as an inflated cylinder from the outside. They are found in machines like gearboxes, wind turbines, pumps, mechanical fans, blowers, etc.

●        Cylindrical Roller Bearings

These bearings are designed to carry heavy loads. The main rolling element is cylindrical in shape which widens the area available for carrying the weight. It can primarily hold radial loads but not thrust loads. These bearings are found in machines like rolling mills, rotary dryers, electric motors, gears and drives, etc.

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