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Linear motion guides (LM Guide) on rolling motion through rolling elements enable the development of energy-efficient and high-precision machinery with long service life, high rigidity, and high speed. Bearing cage LM Guide SHS (รังลูกปืน LM Guide SHS, which is the term in Thai) is one of its types. Read till the end to know more about types of bearing:

Different Kinds Of Bearing Cage LM Guide Are:

8-row Caged Ball LM Guides SPR & SPS

Compared to other linear guides, these varieties exhibit ultra-high rigidity and

performance with remarkably minimal wavering caused by the eight running grooves, the diminutive ball diameter, and the exceedingly lengthy blocks.

Caged Ball LM Guide

Fast speeds, minimal noise, and a tolerable running sound are all outcomes of a ball cage’s ability to remove friction between the balls. Additionally, it ensures long-term

maintenance-free operation.

Caged Roller LM Guide (Linear Motion Guide)

In an ultra-high-rigid roller guide, a roller cage ensures long-term maintenance-

free operation, smooth motion, and minimal friction.

SHS Series Caged Ball LM Guides

Model SHS is a 4-way equal load type guide that can be mounted in any

orientation and has the exact dimensions as model HSR, the global standard full-l-

ball LM guide. It accomplishes highly accurate and stable linear motion due to

the high rigidity design of the LM block and the low sectional height.

Roller LM Guide (full-roller type)

The use of rollers for the rolling parts makes the Roller LM guide very sturdy. A 45-degree contact angle between each row of rollers on the HRX guarantees that the LM block will receive the same load rating in all directions (radial,

horizontal, radial, and reverse. This arrangement assures rigidity in all directions.

LM Guide (Linear Motion Guide) full-ball type

Various LM Guides (full-ball type) are available, including miniature, large, and

curved guides suitable for multiple applications. Users need to select the perfect LM as per the requirement.


A wide range of industrial applications can benefit from the smooth and accurate linear motion provided by Bearing Cage LM Guide SHS. Their innovative modular design, flexible orientation possibilities, and proprietary ball circulation system allow users to accomplish this. Many different kinds of LM guides are available from other companies to meet the needs of various sectors. Additionally, they are suitable for a wide range of high-speed, high-load, or high-precision uses.

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