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Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ) has changed the industrial printing business. These cutting-edge machines have a variety of functions that make them essential in numerous industries. Companies may tailor their printing to match specific branding or informational demands thanks to the flexibility of the Continuous Inkjet Printer from SSI Packaging Group regarding font size, style, and content.

Here are some characteristics and advantages of the Virginia Continuous Inkjet Printer.

High-Speed Printing

Virginia CIJ printers have an exceptional printing speed. Printing for large-scale production is quick and effective as it can output tens of thousands of characters per second.

Versatile Printing

These printers are adaptable for various applications since they handle many substrates, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal.

Non-Contact Printing

Because CIJ printers employ a non-contact printing technique, they can print on uneven or irregular surfaces without endangering the product. They are, therefore, perfect for printing on delicate or fragile goods.

High-Quality Output

Virginia CIJ printers can create crisp, distinct, and legible characters and images, guaranteeing the finished result fulfills the required criteria.

Minimal Downtime

With simple ink cartridge replacement and regular maintenance, these printers are built for less downtime. In addition to ensuring continuous production, this lowers operating expenses.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interfaces and simple controls on Virginia CIJ printers make them usable by operators of all skill levels. They are renowned for their practical ink usage, which minimizes waste and expenses associated with operation.


SSI Packaging Group’s Virginia Continuous Inkjet Printers are a dependable and effective answer to industrial printing demands. They are a vital tool for firms in various industries because of their speed, adaptability, and high-quality output.











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