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By Lilly Grandholm

Living in the quiet suburbs of Chicago has always offered me a sense of security and community. We are a close-knit neighborhood where everyone looks out for each other, and until recently, I never felt unsafe in my own home. But an unexpected, unwelcome intrusion shattered my peace – and it came from someone I never expected: a Food Shopper named “Joey”.

Let me start from the beginning.

Like many others, I turned to delivery services during the pandemic to minimize my exposure to the virus. This service was a lifesaver, bringing groceries to my door without the need to venture out. The service was convenient, and I quickly became accustomed to the friendly, professional interactions with the shoppers. That was, until Joey entered my life.

Joey, who was in his early 30’s and I later found out lived in a neighboring suburb of Morris, Illinois, was one of the many shoppers who delivered my groceries. He was courteous, punctual, and seemed like an ordinary guy. There was nothing about him that set off any alarms. Our interactions were always brief and professional – or so I thought.

One evening, after a typical grocery delivery, I received a notification on my phone. It was a text message from Joey. Assuming there was a follow-up about the delivery, I opened it without hesitation. To my horror, it was an unsolicited photo of his genitals.

I felt a wave of shock and disgust. My mind raced with questions. Why would he think this was acceptable? Did I somehow give him the impression that I wanted this? The violation was immediate and profound. This was a person who had my address, my phone number – my sense of safety was instantly eroded.

Feeling violated, I reached out to the food delivery service customer service number, detailing the incident with the hope of swift action. They were responsive and promised an investigation. However, the emotional damage was already done. I no longer felt safe in my own home, knowing that a person who had access to my personal information had grossly overstepped boundaries.

The incident made me reflect on the broader issue of unsolicited explicit content. As women, many of us have experienced some form of harassment, often starting as early as our teenage years. The digital age has only amplified this problem, providing a platform for predators to invade our privacy in new and insidious ways.

I am sharing my story not to incite fear, but to raise awareness. Joey’s actions were a blatant violation of trust and decency, but they also underscore a systemic issue that needs addressing. Companies involved with food delivery must implement stricter measures to protect their customers, ensuring that predators cannot misuse the platform to exploit vulnerable individuals.

Moreover, we need to have a broader conversation about consent and respect in our society. Unsolicited explicit photos are not just harmless pranks – they are forms of harassment that leave lasting scars on their recipients.

To anyone reading this who has experienced similar violations, know that you are not alone. It is important to speak up and report these incidents, as difficult as it may be. Our voices are powerful, and by sharing our stories, we can push for the changes needed to make our communities safer.

As for Joey, I hope he faces the consequences of his actions and that this serves as a wake-up call to others who may think such behavior is acceptable. It is never okay to invade someone’s privacy and sense of security in such a vile manner.

In the meantime, I am taking steps to regain my sense of safety and trust in my surroundings. I’m not wasting money on food deliveries anymore and taking the chance a sicko will be dropping off my food.

It will take time, but I am determined to reclaim my peace. The suburbs of Chicago have been my home for years, and no one’s inappropriate behavior will take that away from me.

Stay safe, and remember: Your body, your privacy, your consent. Always.


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